Comparing Nikko G, Zebra G, and Tachikawa G

I honestly love all these G nibs. They are perfect for me because I have a heavy hand. I tend to put more weight on things. These nibs are all so smooth and super easy to use.


These comparisons are from my own opinions. I think the nibs will differ the user.

Nikko G nibs have sharper transition from thick to thin. They also create broader and thicker strokes.

Tachikawa G nibs are sturdier and stiffer for me but they still write smoothly.

Zebra G nibs are sharper and gives finer lines. They are also more flexible. This is my favorite of all G nibs.

Zebra G Titanium nibs are the bomb. I mean, who wouldn’t love a golden nib? Of course they’re not made of real titanium. They function just like the regular Zebra G nib but the titanium version are said to last 4 times longer. So of course this is also a favorite of mine.

From L-R: Tachikawa G, Nikko G, Zebra G, and Zebra G Titanium

So far, my Nikko G and Tachikawa G nibs are giving me scratchy upstrokes, so I’m sticking with Zebra G for now. I’ll have to buy new nibs and check them out again.

Ink used: Moon Palace Sumi Ink


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