Pen Meet Cebu

After months of preparing for this event with my fellow organizers, Jean, Toni and Chinchin, the day has finally arrived. The first ever Pen Meet Cebu has finally happened!

A little background about what is Pen Meet Cebu.

Pen Meet Cebu is a a sister event of Pen Meet Manila organized by yours truly, Toni Pino-Oca, Jean Yu, and Chinchin Trinidad.

This event was created to gather all calligraphy enthusiasts. No level of calligraphy experience is required! This event is open for all calligraphers who uses any tool such as pointed pen, brush pens, watercolor, etc. You will get a chance to try a variety of nibs, inks, & holders. You will also get to meet new friends, meet your online friends and share and learn tips, guides, materials about calligraphy. You can also hoard with us because we have exclusive access to online shops registered for that day.

The event was held on August 30, 2015 (Sunday) at The Henry Hotel Cebu. Thank you so much to The Henry Hotel for accommodating us at your place. It was the perfect place to gather artistic people. Thank you also to Rica’s Cafe for the super delicious snacks.

So I arrived at the venue around 10:30 AM and we all prepared the tables and kits. We were supposed to place cartolinas on the tables for people to write on but then we realized it looked odd when we placed the kits so we decided to remove it.


While we were preparing, people started to arrive. Registration started at around 12:45 PM.


We waited for a few more people to arrive and began the program around 1:30 PM. I started and welcomed the people to the first ever Pen Meet Cebu! *Woooo!* We all introduced ourselves, from the organizers, to the participants and including the pop up shops.

After introducing ourselves, it was time to make chikka with everyone! All the tables were filled with materials. People started sharing what they know and shared their materials to each other.

The food then arrived after a while. Thank you so much Rica’s Cafe for the excellent food and unli iced tea! 🙂

Thank you also to the pop up shops, Papersandtschai, Pensgalore, Marryl Crafts, Idiosyncratic Crafts, and Boredandcrafty for coming! Thank you for giving us and the participants the chance to hoard!

We then asked the participants to write “Pen Meet Cebu” on a paper to post on the famous Pen Meet wall and for the pop up shops to choose. The chosen ones will be given prizes from The Nib Junkie and Papersandtschai.

Some of the artworks on the Pen Meet Cebu wall.

These three are the lucky ones whose artworks got chosen by the judges.

We then had a raffle draw. Winners were given prizes from The Nib Junkie, Papersandtschai and Marryl Crafts. These are the 5 people who won the raffle draw.

We also had a photo op with owners of the pop up shops.

At the back: Marryl of Marryl Crafts, Danica of Pensgalore, Tantan of Idiosyncratic Crafts, Meream of Boredandcrafty, and Tschai of Papersandtschai. In front: Toni, Jean, Sandee (Me!), and Chinchin

And of course the event can’t end without a group photo of everyone!

Thank you to Burtz of Blinkbox Photos Cebu for the BTS turned official photos of the Pen Meet Cebu. Credits to Toni and Jean for the other photos, too. 🙂

I’d like to thank everyone who joined and participated on the first ever Pen Meet Cebu! We guys hope you learned a lot, made new friends and enjoyed the event! Because we did! And we also hope we didn’t disappoint your expectations. We hope to make the calligraphy community in Cebu grow and gather more people on the next Pen Meet Cebu and hope to see you there! 🙂


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