Drawing Letters with Abbey Sy

After weeks of looking forward to this day, it was finally arrived! I was finally joining a workshop by Abbey Sy, one of my inspirations in the art industry. I could finally meet her! I was so excited! I joined on the second day of her workshop since I had classes on Saturdays.


Drawing Letters with Abbey Sy
Drawing Letters with Abbey Sy

I was one of the few people who arrived first. I was too excited and I didn’t want to sit down alone so I just roam around BTC while waiting for someone else to arrive. I was happy that the owner of J&K still remembered me from the previous workshop with Ate Fozzy. We waited for more people to arrive and then we started.

Abbey SyWe all introduced ourselves and then Abbey started discussing the difference between Typography, Lettering and Calligraphy. She also discussed the different styles and tips in lettering.

Drawing Letters Workshop Kit
Drawing Letters Workshop Kit

This is the kit during the workshop. I love their leather pencil case. I was also so happy with Abbey’s Hand Lettering Pad. The paper was so smooth and it had so many pages and the cover was hardbound.

Here is Abbey writing on my notebook. I’m planning to make all the artists I meet sign on my notebook. I just started during Ate Fozzy’s workshop. I was so happy when Abbey signed my book! She asked if I was one of the organizers of the Pen Meet. She didn’t even ask for my name and just wrote on the book immediately. I was so shock that she knew my name I was screaming inside! One of my inspirations knows me! It made my day! I also gave Abbey budbud.

The thing I love the most about Joan & Klaire’s workshop kits is that they always have amazing final projects which makes the everything so much worth it. Last time, we had to design a tote bag. In this workshop, we designed a pin board.

And this is the whole class of Drawing Letters with Abbey Sy.Drawing Letters Day 2 ParticipantsThank you Joan & Klaire and Abbey Sy for the very productive Sunday afternoon! ❤


3 thoughts on “Drawing Letters with Abbey Sy

  1. Was that you who wrote “The trouble is if you don’t take risk…”? It looks great! 😀 And kudos on meeting every aspiring handletterer’s creative hero! Sana ma-meet ko rin si Abbey one day. 🙂
    P.S. do you know where I can buy a blank pin board?? 😀

    1. Yes that’s me. 😁 I hope you meet her someday too! She’s super kind.

      As for the blank pin board, I’m not sure where you can buy it since it was included in the kit. You can ask Joan&Klaire if they’re selling it. ☺️ Thanks! 😊

      1. I was in her book launch in Manila and she was so damn pretty! But I fail to be included in the first 60 people who arrived (I heard the first one was there as early as 6 AM) so I wasn’t able to join the workshop huhuhu!

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