Finetec Pearl Colors

It’s been months since I’ve been eyeing on these beautiful Finetec Pearl Color palettes! And one day, I finally convinced my parents to buy them for me, at the same time, my Aunt from Missouri was going home here in the Philippines so I asked her to bring them for me so I could save more money, shipping fee and waiting time.

And then the day came that I finally got hold of these beautiful palettes!


I got my 6 color pearl color set from Paper and Ink Arts and got the 12 color pearl color set from John Neal Bookseller.

When they finally arrived, I immediately tested them out and they are AMAZING!

You just add few drops of water and wait for a few minutes for them to moist. Some say you have to wait for around 20 minutes, but I was too impatient so I just waited for around 5 minutes and used a small brush to load the paint on the nib. It writes really smooth and a little amount of paint of the nib goes a long way.

Overall, this paint is super amazing and super easy to use! You will definitely have to try out this palette!


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