La Bella Scrittura Workshop

I love joining workshops! I have joined 3 workshops for the this year. Before joining workshops, I bought my first calligraphy kit from The Craft Central but I wasn’t really able to practice it. My first ever workshop was with La Bella Scrittura last February 8 at Fujinoya.

Here’s a little background about  La Bella Scrittura taken from their website.

La Bella Scrittura is a group of seven girls from different walks of life but share the same fervor and enthusiasm for all things calligraphy.

Joannie Candi – currently works from home desinging invites, monograms, logos and etc. using calligraphy and watercolor and also teach on private and group workshops. (Instagram: @joanniecandi)

Gail Madalag, MD – an MD by day, a calligrapher by night with a double major in OC-ness and hoarding. She fell in love with broad nib calligraphy first but recently got her heart stolen by pointed nib as well. (Instagram: @the_md_writes)

Aileen Kahambing– busies herself with training and development during work hours. In between, she’s out to tell the world that calligraphy and lefties are not like oil and water. Who said that anyway? (Instagram: @theleftieadvantage)

Katia Naval – is a corporate slave by day. She likes self studying and is a self-proclaimed nerd. When all else fails, give her a cup of McDonald’s coffee. (Instagram: @thedesignhobbyist)

Jamie Sugay – is a tiny girl, juggling her time as an Engineering student and part time calligrapher. Aside from calligraphy, she also loves typography, paper cutting, music and everything creative in between. (Instagram: @seabearwrites)

Berna Perez – is a Psychology graduate who finds happiness in her tech pens, calligraphy nibs, crochet hooks, and brushes. She loves writing, doodling, anything in music and arts. (Instagram: @forevernostalgia)

Charm Lalog– loves anything made by hand, appreciates the crafter’s hardwork. She is a lazybone since birth, but then was inspired to finally moderate them. Reinvented herself, a self taught calligrapher, watercolorist and a gastronome. (IG: @_inklovewithpen)

And here are some photos during the workshop…

Ate Joannie was not there during the workshop. I just also realized that I don’t have a selfie with Ate Katia. 😦 Anyways…

These ladies are definitely amazing and so fun to be with! The class was so silent that Ate Jamie’s had to tell her corny jokes. We also listened to boybands music while we were writing.

I definitely learned a lot in this workshop as it was my first one. I learned how to hold the nib holder properly and how to angle them right. This was also a great workshop since there were 5 of them, they really taught us hands on and approached us one by one to show us further techniques. I’m so happy that I joined this workshop! It was such a great experience to meet the Bellas and meet other people who are into calligraphy.

La Bella Scrittura is now creating a new concept called The La Bella Scrittura University. You can read more details in their website. They’re offering a lot of different classes! I really wanna join the Calligraphy 102 and Freehand Flourish class. I hope they’ll be back here in Cebu soon!


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