Where to buy Calligraphy materials in Cebu?

Buying calligraphy materials here in Cebu is pretty hard since there are only few stores selling and since calligraphers around the Philippines especially here in Cebu are growing, I’m gonna be sharing to you where to hoard calligraphy materials here in Cebu.


  • Paper One (100 gsm) – They said this is the best paper to use for practice. You can buy them at National Bookstore
  • HP Laserjet Executive Paper (100 gsm) – Just like the Paper One, this can be found at National Bookstore.
  • Rhodia Pad – These notebooks are quite pricey but very nice to use because of its smooth texture. These are available at Fully Booked.
  • Muji Notebooks – The best place for me! Muji has a lot of notebooks! The best notebook for me is the dotted notebooks and the lined ones.


  • Elefante China Ink – This ink is the only ink I can find here. You can buy them at National Bookstore. They’re usually displayed near the paints and brushes aisle. If you can’t find it, it’s best to ask the salesperson. In SM Cebu, they are placed at the most bottom part of the brushes aisle. It’s usually beside the palettes and brushes. For starters, this is the best ink to use since it’s the cheapest.

Nib Holder

  • Local Straight Nib Holder – I found some plastic nib holder at National Bookstore. Just like the Elefante China Ink, they’re not really displayed and usually hidden so you can approach some salesperson and ask them where they place it.


Unfortunately, I can’t find any pointed nib here in Cebu. I only saw some broad-edge speedball nibs at National Bookstore.

Brush Pens

There are only a few brush pens I found here in Cebu. The ones I found at Ayala were Marvy Uchida Le Plume, Marvy 1122 Le Plume II, Marvy Uchida for drawing brush.


Joan & Klaire is now selling calligraphy materials!

I will direct you to my post about Joan & Klaire. (CLICK THIS!)

Another best place to buy calligraphy materials is through online.
Here are the following Philippine-based online stores:

Will be updating this list every now and then for new sellers. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where to buy Calligraphy materials in Cebu?

  1. awwe! I’m glad I was able to bumped into your blog! I always wanted to try calligraphy but don’t know where to find the things I need to start with. Thanks!

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