I’ve always been so hesitant about blogging. My english vocabulary is very limited. I’m not fond of using those deep and intricate words because why would I use them when I can find easier words. (LOL)

So why am I even starting a blog?

Abbey Sy, one of the most artistic person I know (I’m such a fan!), inspired me to do so. I was watching a video of her during the TEDxUPM and it was so inspiring I just had to stand up and do something about it immediately.

But I figured that if I waited until I was ready,
the time would never come.

That was my favorite line in her Ted Talk which made me make this blog immediately. We tell and make all these excuses that we’re not ready and not good enough and I thought to myself, I’m the only one stopping myself. I know I’m not good enough, I’m still a newbie, but that isn’t stopping me from making this blog. I’m also starting up this blog so I can see the changes and improvements. I guess this is a great way to greet another month.

So thank you, Abbey Sy, for being such an inspiration to everyone and especially to me. ❤


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